1. weebware Terms of Service

a) By accessing this website and purchasing products you are agreeing to the following Terms of Service. If you are breaking any local or state law by accessing this website or using any of its services or content you do so at your own risk.

2. License & Limitations

a) You will not attempt to reverse, modify, decompile, or in any other way attempt to harmfully penetrate our softwares security without written granted permission.

b) Transferring licenses and or trading subscriptions is not permitted but may be granted with special permission from staff.

c) You may not resell, redistribute, or in any other way license others to weebware without granted permission.

3. Media

a) Creating media is permitted, but upon request from staff, will be taken down.

b) Creating media bashing, or otherwise sale thrashing without backing, is not allowed and will be taken down.

4. Disclaimer

a) weebware is not responsible for any implications caused from use on other software, you purchase as the cheat currently is, any damages due to, does not come with a warrenty and the software is used at your own risk.

b) Neither weebware nor its staff is responsible for any damages caused to, or by the user.

c) Staff members are allowed to terminate user subscriptions at their own discretion. If you believe your account was falsely terminated, contact can be made through discord or email.

5. Refunds & Chargebacks

a) As stated in 4.c, Staff members are allowed to terminate user subscriptions at their own discretion. If the cause of account termination was in error, a refund may be given upon request. Otherwise, refunds are not to be given.

b) If a claim or dispute is opened up, you will recieve a return fraud notice by email and by reply through the dispute on paypal. Return/Chargeback fraud is taken very seriously and your subscription will be terminated as well as in accordance to our Terms of Service the following actions may be taken, but are not limited to:

- A report to a local PD for return fraud.

- A letter sent to your home containing information regarding the transaction and potential penalties.

Please seek support before making claims, contact can be made through discord or email.

6. Privacy policy

a) weebware does not redistribute private/personal information unless under it is to assist in investigation of law enforcement, or breaches of the Terms of Service. However we do reserve the right to store data, monitor files and network connections incase of a breach of our Terms of Service.